Healthy Faith Communities

Our world is losing a lot of its ability to communicate well, and thereby to care, overcome conflict, and create a healthy environment in which people can thrive. QCT offers courses aimed to provide the frameworks and the tools for clergy and laity to explore the rubrics of communication, healthy government, and conflict management, through understanding both the personal and community dynamics.

Local church and faith communities aim to provide environments of love and inclusion, yet people around us question our values and processes, as we frequently lack the means to relate and communicate in processes that show we are respectful and caring.

Our Courses

Learning the Language of Healing (Formerly LAB1)

This 36 hour course covers the knowledge, skills and personal attitudes required for caring pastoral care. Knowledge includes the principles of skills, ways of recognising early signs of personal conflict and trauma, the structure of a pastoral conversation, ways of dealing with strong negative feelings, ‘How to’ practice skills, when to use them and church dynamics . The course aims to change attitudes by developing self-confidence in listening, becoming comfortable and less defensive with strong negative emotions, and increasing our commitment to those in pain.

Next Learning the Language of Healing Course will take place over two weekends: Fri - Sun 26, 27, 28 May and 9, 10, 11 June. Contact for more details.

Governance in the Local Church

Concerned about getting the right leadership on your Church Council?

A participatory 3 hour course will help them to be aware of the principles of effective communication, leadership, and processes of your local faith community. This is an introductory unit in the understanding of the ministry of the Church Council. At the conclusion participants should be able to articulate an awareness of their own ministry roles.

Looking at the purpose of a church meeting, and difference between management, leadership and spiritual leadership will help clarify how God leads us to effective governance.

Working together: An introduction to the task of Creating A Leadership Covenant

The aim of the 3 hour module is to assist church councillors to understand the causes and nature of conflict within church councils and congregations and assist them to transform conflict by setting a framework for designing a behavioural guide/covenant and the purpose of consensus approach.

The causes, manifestations and results of conflict are explored with a purpose of assisting leaders to clarify their own approaches to conflict, and explore alternative ways of behaviour so as to lead to constructive and healthy ways of approaching community life.


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