Here are some prayers from World Council of Churches and other sources.

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God our refuge,we seek your protection.Protect the vulnerable from illness:those who are old and frail,weakened by years and struggle;those who care for others,expending energy and love;those for whom inability to workmeans hardship and poverty.Protect usfrom the greed and suspicionwhich snatches at our own securitystock-piling and panic-buyingthat deprives others of the necessities of life.Protect us from the shortsightednesswhich sees the germ in our own eyesand ignores the plaguesof hunger, war and violencethat take so many lives each day.Protect us from the isolationthat leads to loneliness and despairdenying the interconnectednessthat links us with one another.God our refugein our panic and fearmay we not lose sight of our common humanitythat makes us one people in you. Amen.When human life is disturbed, disrupted, and threaten by the novel coronavirus, we pray to you, God of life. Grant us the compassion, humility and self-discipline to value, care about and protect each life.We pray to you, God of mercy, for all who have suffered directly and indirectly during this global pandemic. May you sustain, console, and heal them.We pray to you, God of grace, for all good efforts to rescue life and to maintain people’s health. May you strengthen, guide and protect all who have committed to fight against this disease.We pray to you, God of righteousness, for justice to prevail. May you lead us to combat racism, discrimination, stigmatization and xenophobia with courage in the midst of this health crisis. We pray to you, God of love, for an early end to the transmission of COVID-19 that is harming all, and for life, health and peace for all, through your mercy, grace and loving care, and through human solidarity, integrity and mutual support. Amen.  A Psalm for this time The grace of God guides us, We don´t lack and never will lack anything. He leads us to places of rest and care and to drink waters of trust. He renews our strength so we do not abandon the path of solidarity, because it is there, in our empathy with others, where we honour his name.Even though we pass through polluted streets and places of possible contagions, we will not fear any danger, because You, divine presence, maintain the prudent distance between tenderness and respect,and that inspires us with serenity and confidence. We will share the table again, and the banquet and the party, before the astonished gaze of the empire of the viruses and of any empire that proposes death and exclusion. We will fill our cups again until they overflow to toast for the new worlds, already stripped of their greed and their thirst for power, more aware of being family, people, humanity. Surely your goodness and love will follow us every hour of each journey until we know how to make this earth of yours a house in which we can all live, in our full and rich diversity, with health, fullness, dignity, bread, shelter, work and justice, forever.

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